Lobby Exhibit Showcases 16th Century Armor, 17th Century Tapestry
In 2010, 667 Madison Avenue unveiled a museum-quality exhibit in its lobby, the result of over a 25-year search for the perfect art.

“The west wall of our lobby was originally designed to display a fantastic piece of art,” said Leonard Stern, Chairman, Hartz Mountain Industries, owner and developer. “Yet I could never find the perfect piece, given the size and volume of the space, together with my commitment to do something really different.”

The exhibit includes:

  • A large North German field suit of armor made for the Court of Julius, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (circa 1562)

  • A two-handed bearing sword of the Brunswick State Guard (dated 1574)

  • Two Milanese suits of armor (circa 1560)

The Dukes who owned the pieces enjoyed a high level of wealth in the Middle Ages. Therefore, the armor is also a symbol of prosperity for the building.